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Have you ever asked yourself why Indian celebrities wear dozen of bangles on their wrists? Well, maybe that is why you haven’t tried!

Bangles are a symbol of strength— ancient Indians believed that women were weak and could be afflicted by bone diseases if they didn’t get the support of bangles around their wrists.

The beauty of bangles however transcended to this generation with a new meaning.

Today, bangles are made in new designs from expensive metals like gold, platinum, and silver. Bangles denote your class and crown your sense of fashion!

Don't you know where to begin?

Here are 3 of the best!

Triangle Bangle

You don’t need to burden your wrists with many bangles to make an impression; with this triangle bangle, your unique fashion sense will be whiffed miles away!

It is designed to impress and leave a lasting impression— turquoise stones clipped at every end of the triangle is a rare charm. (click here for more)

Leaf Bangle

Do you love the beauty of nature? With this bangle, you’ll wear the contagious charm of leaves. It is colored in gold and shines bright even in the glow of a candle.

You can wear this yourself and bring out the best in you or give it as a gift; its glow is a pleasant surprise for your loved one.

Arrow Bangle

Do you still believe Cupid exists? With this arrow bangle, you’re taken down the memory lane; all the fairy tales of unleashing your love arrow and nesting the best woman the world has to offer!

Weren’t those dreams beautiful?

You can get this arrow bangle now at a fair price; this is the best bracelet to give as a gift to your special one.

Try it!

Just like other wrist adornments, bangles help create your brand. You don’t have to ape common trends in jewelry—be unique; adorn these bangles. Visit our store for these timeless masterpieces.