Posted on by Aaron Burton

Cute accessories are always an excellent way to give a twist to one’s outfit because they are so girly and appropriate for almost any occasion.

However, adorning statement necklaces speak more volumes. It may be the only accessory you need to add glamour to a plain outfit or painlessly transform it into something unique and special.

To a large extent, they help to show off your personality and signature style.

Interestingly, you can use them in more than one way to achieve a more trendy and eye-catching appearance.

In fact, chunky necklaces are great to spice up your casual tops or any of your outfits and make them more interesting, trendy and eye-catching.

With this in mind, here are seven smart tips you can quickly try out to adorn your bulky statement necklaces for a super cute look.

  • For a chic tribal appearance, use a round statement necklace with circular pendants to accessorize the unclothed region of your
  • For a simple urban look, wear a silver statement necklace for a complete outfit to visit pals and family, or shop around.
  • Wear a glam statement necklace with your winter or fall outfit (jeans, cardigan, boots and plain tee), and you will be amazed at how perfect and cool you will look.
  • Transform a casual graphic tee and become perfectly dressed by pairing with an elegant, sparkly statement necklace.
  • Surprise everyone by trying out neon statement necklace with a gray top and watch them bend their necks
  • If you love jeans and heals, then adding a bold necklace will make you stand out; just another to show the fashion diversity of statement necklaces
  • Dash everyone by wearing one that matches one of the colors in your outfit. It could be your skirts, shoes, watch, or top.

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